EB Online League Season 3

EB Online rules aim to promote variation in armies deployed while restricting army composition within reason. Please note that these rules are enforced only for EB Online tournaments—they are not intended to regulate casual gameplay.

Victory Conditions

  • Games are last man standing.
  • If your opponent refuses to engage as you chase them for three minutes, you win the game.
  • If a player's game crashes, the game must be restarted.
  • At any time, if your opponent agrees, you may restart the game.

Gameplay Rules

Budget Type
  • Players agree on a budget type before each game.
  • Players may bring one general's bodyguard unit.
  • Allied generals are prohibited.
  • The only upgrade permitted is one point in experience (one bronze chevron).
  • Units are either factional or mercenary. Any units listed on a faction's page or this spreadsheet are factional. All other units are mercenary.
  • When playing as Rome, the player must field factional units from one era. The player need not announce which era.
  • Factions are restricted in the number of mercenaries they may field (see below).


Mercenary Limit
Epeiros, Sauromatae, Marian Rome8
All other factions6
Imperial Rome4

Unit Duplication Limits

To encourage richer army compositions and prevent spam, there are limits placed on how many duplicates of a unit a player may field. Duplication limits are applied before any experience upgrade.

0 - 999none
1000 - 18498
1850 - 24994

Fair Play Rules

  1. Friendly units may not walk, run, or charge through enemy units.
    1. Friendly units may charge through other friendly units only if the charging unit is infantry.
    2. Friendly units may walk, run, or charge through any enemy unit that is in loose formation.
    3. Elephants and chariots may not run through friendly units. Minimal contact is normal and expected as elephants and chariots have a wide front.
    4. If a friendly cavalry unit is surrounded by the enemy, it may retreat through the enemy.
  2. An archer unit may not use flaming arrows.
  3. A pike unit may not turn while fighting and in phalanx mode.
  4. A pike unit using its secondary weapon in melee may not reenable phalanx mode until it disengages.
  5. A pike unit may not enable phalanx mode in loose formation.
  6. A missile unit may not fire its projectiles at an enemy unit if the units in question are in melee.
  7. A unit may not use testudo formation while fighting. If it was previously in testudo, the unit must disable testudo upon engaging the enemy.