Hello friends,

Jirisys, compiler of the JEBMMP collection of submods, has released the Extended Trivial Script Options (ExTSO). To quote the page directly:

The Extended Trivial Script Options (ExTSO) mod adds many more options for the trivial script, while also adding compatibility for the use of the EB Online multiplayer files, multiple engines as well as being able to run the game with the Steam version of Rome: Total War and its expansions.

Check out this great addition to EB by visiting the ExTSO page today.


Dear gamers,

Many of you who play single player campaign-based EB are likely aware of Jirisys’ EB Mega Mod Pack (JEBMMP), the single largest submod compilation available for Europa Barbarorum. The mod pack itself has a home on both TotalWar.org and TWCenter.net forums.

As of this week, JEBMMP has a new home here at EB Online. You can find a link to it under the Links heading to the right of your page. The latest post (as of this writing) regarding the project can be found here. Please check out the new site and enjoy his wonderful mod pack!


Hi friends,

I am revisiting Evolve VPN software after it has undergone significant development since it was first released. I would appreciate if players would test it out to see whether they still get desynchronization issues in-game. If you do test this, make sure you test in pairs. So first test in an Evolve VPN party room with only 2 people (1v1), then 4 (2v2), and so on. Many months ago we had success with 1v1, but desync issues in 2v2. Make sure you leave the Hamachi network when testing Evolve.

Just a couple of notes. After you install Evolve you won’t have the VPN party feature available to you unless you enable it in the preferences menu. This may or may not require a restart. Also, you’ll need to take down the adapter priority for the “Evolve Gaming Connection” network adapter. To do this, visit your network adapters (you can find them under Network and Sharing Center, or searching “View Network Connections” in your start menu). Open the hidden file menu by hitting the Alt key, choose Advanced, then Advanced Settings. You’ll probably see Evolve’s adapter on the top of the connections list. At this point, move it down using the green arrow until it is as low as it can go. Now you can try playing with others.

Remember, in Evolve it is not a simple matter of having someone on your friends list, or being in the same group (such as the EB Online group that we have). Rather, you create a temporary “party”, as it is called in the software. You invite someone to your party (or several people). Then you will see all your IP addresses and whether or not you are connected to one another. Then you may try visiting the EB lan lobby.

Good luck and please report your findings. I truly appreciate it.

Best wishes,

Relevant links: https://www.evolvehq.com/welcome

Hello all. I just want to point out that the EB 1.2 Quotes Update installer has been updated. Although it is an optional add-on (adds new quotes to EB’s loading screen), if you have already installed this, it is important that you re-download and re-install it from the downloads page. There were two errors in the quotes.txt file that caused EB to crash if you were unlucky enough to randomly get those quotes on your loading screen.

Many thanks to Jirisys for pointing out these errors.

Best of luck,

New Domain

Hi all,

I’ve finally migrated the site, including the ladder, from ebportal.tk to ebmultiplayer.com. This is so we have less down-time with a better host as well as a more popular domain. It isn’t vastly different as of yet, but I have slimmed down some of the pages and consolidated the downloads into a directory app.

All the best,

Hi everyone. The final monthly tournament of this third season of EB Online is here. Sign up for the August tournament at the forum thread here.

Good news. The replay pack for EBOT 2012 July is out. You can download it here. The score report for July will be coming out soon. Check back for updates.


Update: Here is the score report for 2012 July.

EBOT 2012 July

Hi all,

I have replaced the now obsolete upload form with an implementation of the Ladder of Wesnoth (LoW) code. This is where we’ll be reporting our games from EBOT 2012 July onward. Also, it will house our replays since every time you fill out the form to report a game it will ask you to upload the replay file.

You may find the link to the ladder in the navbar (top menu).

Best of luck,

Hi folks,

Fair Play Rule #2 (the cavalry charge-through rule) has been a point of controversy in these few early days of EBOT 2012 June. Just to make things a bit clearer, I have slightly re-worded the rule. I reproduce it here for your convenience, followed by a pithy explanation:

Fair Play Rule #2

No charging cavalry through your own men. You may not charge your cavalry at an enemy if it would mean charging through your own units, whether they be mounted or not. Charges which make more contact upon impact with the enemy units than with your own are not violations of this rule.

Let us break this rule down bit by bit. All rules begin with a single-sentence form. This simply says do not charge your cav if it’ll mean they move through your men. The second sentence fleshes this out by specifically stating that you may not charge through your own men, regardless if they are mounted (cav) or not (inf). This is crucial to bear in mind. The last sentence is to avoid borderline disputes as much as possible. There may be instances where your cav charges at such an angle that it hits where your unit meets the enemy unit. As long as your cavalry front (width) strikes more on the enemy side than on your side, it is not considered a violation of the rule.

Best regards,