IRC Chat, VoIP, and more!

Hi all, Just making a brief announcement on some additions. Firstly, I’ve added IRC chat to the site, and you can access it from the menu on the top of the page. To be frank, it’s a way for me to access the players when I’m online without having to connect to the Hamachi game […]

Reminders and Writing Requests

Hear ye, hear ye: How are all the players doing? I hope y’all are having an exciting experience taking the wonder of EB to the multiplayer realm. I wish to make a few reminders and a request. First of all, if you’re new to EB or new to multiplayer EB, please do yourself a favor […]

A Potential Evolution for EB Online

Good day players, Could you package a VPN (Hamachi), VoIP (Mumble; Ventrillo; TeamSpeak), chat rooms, game tracking and more all into one piece of software? Well, as the player LazyO brought to my attention at the Guild forum, one developer has done precisely that with a software called Evolve. Even if it did not do […]

Open Letter to the EB Online Community

Dearest EB Online players and community, I write to you today in light of recent discussions regarding the EBO MP EDU on the Guild forum in order to clarify my position. The EB Online MP EDU is maintained by myself (and now gamegeek2 also). This EDU is intended for use in EB Online sanctioned events. […]

EBO MP EDU 3.0 build 1001 hotfix

Dear players, Shak has taken it upon himself (after consulting me) to make a small hotfix for a few overseen mistakes in the last build (3.0 build 1001). I will not be hosting it or making an ‘official’ iteration in the version history, but you can find it here: Please do use this in […]

Historical Battles and RTW UVO

Not too long ago, several EBO players put together what I’d like to call the EB Online Historical Battles Series. It illustrates the ad hoc and community-driven nature of EBO in that the players themselves are determining and executing what they desire. The players so far have completed two historical battles (3v3 and 4v4): Magnesia […]

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