Online Etiquette

Etiquette is an important aspect of life. It distinguishes the civilized from the barbaric. This is not a philosophy class and we will not be debating the “hidden truths” and all the other interesting twists behind the concepts of civilization and barbarity. What we will be going over here is online etiquette that is expected of all players.

Why Online Etiquette?

Most of the online gamers I know are at least 15 years old. Rome: Total War, the game that Europa Barbarorum modifies, is rated Teen (13+) in the United States of America and 12+ in Europe. No offensive remarks and comments will be tolerated. If any player becomes so offensive as to disrupt your online gameplay experience, please report by emailing us using the contact button on the navigation menu above. Offensive remarks regarding anybody’s race, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, height, or any other aspect will not be tolerated and will be subject to banishment from EB Online.

How do I display etiquette online?

First of all, be positive and not offensive when requesting games in network chat. When requesting a game, you might say, “Looking for 1v1.” If after a couple of tries you receive no reply even though people are connected to the network and online, realize that they may be away from their keyboards, or “AFK.” Do not panic, go berserk or run amok. There is no need to spam insulting comments or rant about the lack of potential opponents in the network chat window. This will be in vain and will reflect negatively on your part as a player and member of the online gaming community.

During a battle, if you are an observer/spectator, please do not chat. If there are other spectators, chat with them privately. Also, if observing, please only bring one very cheap infantry unit (no missile units), and withdraw the unit as the game begins. Also, before the game begins, provide to the other players a friendly reminder not to line up their troops facing your direction. This is to prevent time and energy lost turning the deployed army.

If you are a player, realize that there are no pauses allowed, at least nominally. Certainly you may pause the game if your opponent agrees to it (you cannot pause the game even if you wanted to, without your opponent also pausing the game). Also, do not chat offensively during a battle. Ideally you would be focused on your army’s micromanagement instead of chatting. Also, do not act offensively by breaking the rules of engagement. This reflects poorly on you as a player and that is not a good thing in a community of online players.

During the endgame, do not, under any circumstances, exit the battle. The only time a person may exit the battle is if he or she has accepted defeat and when the battle results screen has displayed. This is to avoid any unnecessary fighting of the A.I. It is also looked down upon by the community. In addition, make sure to say “gg” (good game) at the end of the battle, as a kind of mutual understanding and appreciation for the time put in by both yourself and your opponent in what comes down to an entertaining battle.

Contact us if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding online etiquette.