Revisiting Evolve



Hi friends,

I am revisiting Evolve VPN software after it has undergone significant development since it was first released. I would appreciate if players would test it out to see whether they still get desynchronization issues in-game. If you do test this, make sure you test in pairs. So first test in an Evolve VPN party room with only 2 people (1v1), then 4 (2v2), and so on. Many months ago we had success with 1v1, but desync issues in 2v2. Make sure you leave the Hamachi network when testing Evolve.

Just a couple of notes. After you install Evolve you won't have the VPN party feature available to you unless you enable it in the preferences menu. This may or may not require a restart. Also, you'll need to take down the adapter priority for the "Evolve Gaming Connection" network adapter. To do this, visit your network adapters (you can find them under Network and Sharing Center, or searching "View Network Connections" in your start menu). Open the hidden file menu by hitting the Alt key, choose Advanced, then Advanced Settings. You'll probably see Evolve's adapter on the top of the connections list. At this point, move it down using the green arrow until it is as low as it can go. Now you can try playing with others.

Remember, in Evolve it is not a simple matter of having someone on your friends list, or being in the same group (such as the EB Online group that we have). Rather, you create a temporary "party", as it is called in the software. You invite someone to your party (or several people). Then you will see all your IP addresses and whether or not you are connected to one another. Then you may try visiting the EB lan lobby.

Good luck and please report your findings. I truly appreciate it.

Best wishes, Vartan

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