Reminders and Writing Requests



Hear ye, hear ye:

How are all the players doing? I hope y'all are having an exciting experience taking the wonder of EB to the multiplayer realm. I wish to make a few reminders and a request.

First of all, if you're new to EB or new to multiplayer EB, please do yourself a favor and visit the Getting Started page in order to understand what it takes exactly to get yourself connected and playing with others. The key here is that you'll need a working installation of the latest version of the Hamachi VPN software, the official EBO MP EDU v3.0 build 1001, and the most important part perhaps: the latest 1001 hotfix. That hotfix (as mentioned in a previous post) can be found on the Guild forum here. You'll need these to play the game with others.

I'd also like to make a request for anyone wishing to get creative with their EB experiences. If you like to write and would like to be a contributor and publish articles on anything EB-specific (from units to factions, and anything else) here at EBO, please let me know and I can register you at this site so that your work can be read by all fans. I can even see opinion pieces on what changes a player wants to see in the EDU or in the metagame (i.e., strategy trends). Send me a PM under vartan at the Guild or mamik_yev_konak at the TWC.

Thanks and have fun gaming!


EBO MP EDU v3.0 build 1001 hotfix thread: