Quick Pre-tournament Reminders/Updates



Hello players. I just wanted to give you a quick couple of updates.

First, there is a universal limit on Bastarnae Falx Infantry of 2. That means no matter which faction or AC you choose, you will be limited to two of these very cost-effective shock troops.

Also, some Hellenic units such as the Classical Hoplites should not be assumed to be factional for all Hellenistic factions. Check and you will see that some factions, such as AS and Ptoly, cannot field them as factionals but rather as regionals/mercs. Be wary of this.

Lastly, make sure you review the rules one last time before the June tournament. Today I played a few battles in which a couple of my opponents unwittingly used more than 5 mercs in their CACs. Please do not do this as it may frustrate you and your opponents during a tournament match, especially if you've just played a half-hour battle.

And keep checking the homepage of this site for any and all important updates. I will keep you all posted.