Open Letter to the EB Online Community



Dearest EB Online players and community,

I write to you today in light of recent discussions regarding the EBO MP EDU on the Guild forum in order to clarify my position. The EB Online MP EDU is maintained by myself (and now gamegeek2 also). This EDU is intended for use in EB Online sanctioned events. As of this writing, the only qualifying "event" would be the monthly tournaments, if and when they are held. Any rules that apply to tournament play are also maintained by me and are meant solely for these tournaments. That we enter discussion regarding the EBO MP EDU with the players is not to be taken as an indication that the players are in any way co-maintainers of the EDU. Our participation in the discussions is due to the fact that we use the feedback of the players and their experiences in developing the EDU; similar with the rules.

This all means that what EBO produces alone is meant for EBO tournaments. That players use EBO rules and the EBO MP EDU is their choice and not to be understood as allotting the players a direct hand in EDU modification. Much like the Creative Assembly developed the Total War games, gamegeek2 and I develop the EDU used in EBO tournaments. And much like players have created and continue to create mods for these TW games, our own players may modify the EDU as they please. But for the purposes of EBO tournaments, all players must adhere to the EDU which we develop, which takes into account player feedback but which the players have not a direct hand in creating. Each player may as well have their own custom EDU as everyone may have their own idea of a balanced EDU. The purpose of EBO is to have a single, standardized EDU with which players can participate in tournaments. It is not meant as a democratic developmental arena.

A TLDR is probably in order considering today's age, and it would probably sound something like this:

  • If you are going to participate in an EBO tournament, you must adhere to rules and EDU created by EBO.
  • Your feedback is appreciated and taken into account, but all development remains in the hands of EBO.
If any player still has any questions or is unclear about any of the above, please send me a PM at the Guild forum (under username vartan).

Thank you.

Vartan EB Online Founder