New Home for EBO Network



Greetings warriors,

As you may very well know, LogMeIn Hamachi has been on a downward slope when it comes to the number of slots in its free networks (from 16 to 8, and now to 5). This, of course, would make 2v2 the largest battle we could hold, with no room for even another 1v1. Thanks to our very own Brave Sir Robin (also gave us Saka for EDU 3.1), we now have a 32-slot network for EBO. Needless to say, please leave the network when you are done using it. Thank you and have fun gaming.

Network ID: 100-792-846 Password: eb

Best wishes, Vartan

Note: The new network means I'll no longer need players to register with me, but we still want you to be considerate of others by leaving the network (remember, exiting Hamachi is not equivalent to releasing your seat on the network).