IRC Chat, VoIP, and more!



Hi all,

Just making a brief announcement on some additions. Firstly, I've added IRC chat to the site, and you can access it from the menu on the top of the page. To be frank, it's a way for me to access the players when I'm online without having to connect to the Hamachi game networks (those precious slots!).

Voice chat isn't something we've used, but it's common for many games. I use it personally when I play games such as League of Legends, and others. So I've created a channel on Dolby's free Axon voice chat software. You can invite one another but I need to invite at least one person to get the chain going (people cannot just enter the channel). Search either "vartan" or "malotes" without quotes and you'll find me (add me and I'll invite you; vartan is my display name, malotes is my actual username).

Finally, I added a downloads page that will contain all major downloads that I host on this website. You can find it under the "Getting Started" dropdown on the menu up top.

All the best,


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