Historical Battles and RTW UVO



Not too long ago, several EBO players put together what I'd like to call the EB Online Historical Battles Series. It illustrates the ad hoc and community-driven nature of EBO in that the players themselves are determining and executing what they desire. The players so far have completed two historical battles (3v3 and 4v4): Magnesia and Raphia. With luck they will continue to research and execute more of these great battles. I will be sharing notes, corresponding EDUs and replay files for each of these battles in due time.

A second piece of news comes with what I call RTW UVO, short for Rome: Total War Unit Victory Odds. It's a little piece of software designed originally by Will Alston (gamegeek2) for the TI-84 graphing calculator. The program calculates the odds of one soldier from a unit defeating a soldier from another unit. I ported the software to the TI-89 as well as for the PC in console format. Today I wrote a GUI for the software to make it more user-friendly. Mr. Alston makes note that the software gives a general idea of how units compare, but isn't meant to extrapolate to the unit level. Rather it strictly compares soldiers from each unit based on stats.

Enjoy the screenshot, give the software a try, and have a great week.


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