Fair Play Rule #2 Re-wording



Hi folks,

Fair Play Rule #2 (the cavalry charge-through rule) has been a point of controversy in these few early days of EBOT 2012 June. Just to make things a bit clearer, I have slightly re-worded the rule. I reproduce it here for your convenience, followed by a pithy explanation:

Fair Play Rule #2

No charging cavalry through your own men. You may not charge your cavalry at an enemy if it would mean charging through your own units, whether they be mounted or not. Charges which make more contact upon impact with the enemy units than with your own are not violations of this rule.

Let us break this rule down bit by bit. All rules begin with a single-sentence form. This simply says do not charge your cav if it'll mean they move through your men. The second sentence fleshes this out by specifically stating that you may not charge through your own men, regardless if they are mounted (cav) or not (inf). This is crucial to bear in mind. The last sentence is to avoid borderline disputes as much as possible. There may be instances where your cav charges at such an angle that it hits where your unit meets the enemy unit. As long as your cavalry front (width) strikes more on the enemy side than on your side, it is not considered a violation of the rule.

Best regards, Vartan