Downtime, etc.



Hi players,

I would like to apologize for the inconvenience you may have experienced recently. The website was down for a surprisingly long amount of time (about 2 entire days I believe). I have spent much time on this issue and have thankfully been able to update necessary files and restore most of the data on a new (and apparently faster) server. As you can see, I was only able to save up to posts in late May, but that is fine.

In the upcoming days I will be finalizing the tournament for 2011 June and uploading the replay pack. Also, the new EB Online MP EDU v2.1 will be released here and on the Guild forum by gamegeek2 for use in next month's tourney, for July. Let me be clear about one thing: you can still submit June tournament battles as long as one of the players in the battle is still in the the last day of the month (30th in this case) the moment you commence the battle. In all likelihood, this means that some of the last potential participants are going to be from the west coast of the United States, if not in lands in the Pacific.

Sorry again and all the best, Vartan

UPDATE: There are many changes for July that are not simply EDU-centered. I will mention them here and add as necessary.

  • Hoplitai are now only factional for the Koinon Hellenon.
  • Alan Noble Cavalry are factional for no one now.
  • SPQR factional unit list now has headers for the different eras.
  • No team battles accepted until further notice.
  • All battles must be in 36k now. Low Money Games were never played in the tournaments and as such are removed from the budget now.