Combating Network Clogs



Hi y'all,

We've been having offline players clogging the networks recently, and it is especially problematic as I have been quite busy lately with school and other work. To combat this issue I am resorting to the following method. What I am doing is resetting the passwords for the main and auxiliary networks we run on Hamachi for EB Online. You will have to register with me in order to play. Do this by PMing me (vartan) at the Guild forum or at the TWC forum (mamik_yev_konak) so I can send you the password.

This is how it will work. Any and every time I go to the Hamachi site to purge the networks of any offline users, I will refresh the site in roughly five minutes. This is to allow people who have just signed off to leave the networks. If after five minutes the same offline users have not left the networks, I will assume they are completely away from the computer and have refused or forgotten to leave the networks. I will record their names down in a journal. Once any player's name has been recorded three times, I will reset the passwords to both the networks once again. For your convenience, I will be keeping track of all the registered players. So you will not have to re-register with me. I will send out a mailing list (by PM on the forum) with the new passwords to everyone except the three-time violator. He or she will have to wait two weeks to receive my PM. Obviously nobody is allowed to tell anyone else the password. Please help me help you by not telling the password to anyone.

Thank you and have a great weekend.


UPDATE: Thanks to Brave Sir Robin's new network (32 slots), we will not be needing players to register any longer. Thank you.