A Potential Evolution for EB Online



Good day players,

Could you package a VPN (Hamachi), VoIP (Mumble; Ventrillo; TeamSpeak), chat rooms, game tracking and more all into one piece of software? Well, as the player LazyO brought to my attention at the Guild forum, one developer has done precisely that with a software called Evolve. Even if it did not do any of the voice/text-chatting and tracking that it claims to do (alongside a slick overlay), there is no mention of a limit on their VPN capability (and that, for us Hamachi users, is something that could be very, very enticing). As such, I would like anyone who is willing to help try this software out to do so by downloading it, creating a nickname (cannot be changed!) for him or herself, and joining a group and a party that I've created for us (both called "EB Online" without quotes; groups and parties are the equivalent of chat rooms and networks for those of us more familiar with Hamachi). Let me know how this goes and if we have no problems with it (make sure you turn Hamachi off if you are testing this out), then we might have found ourselves a new platform!

Best of luck and thanks in advance.


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Turns out all you need to do is join the group called EB Online. Instead of one permanent party like we have in the form of a Hamachi network currently, players will create a temporary party per battle and invite the players who will partake in that battle. As such, unlike in Hamachi, each party represents the players and only the players needed for each battle. Keep the EB Online group chat tab open as that is where you will meet and arrange battles (just like you all do in Hamachi network chat).

NB: If and when you Vista/Win7 users get a network security pop-up every time you connect to a party, please choose Public option for max security. Home/Work isn't "unsafe", it just means other Home/Work set-up users can see any shared files/folders you may have.