A New Era Begins, or Post-2.X EB Online



Hello players from around the globe,

A new era has indeed begun with the ongoing development of EBO MP EDU v3.0. As of this post we are at beta build 0829 (released 29 August 2011). As a general statement, v3.0 aims to create a new balanced system for EB Online from the ground up. All aspects of the stats are being considered for possible ways of making the game more exciting and immersive. Your feedback is appreciated and actually quite necessary in order to improve and finalize this project. As the 2011 season of EBO is over with the end of August, we now look to play with each release of the 3.0 betas until we reach a conclusion point.

Changes since last post:

  • The rules page has been heavily simplified and updated to accommodate EBO MP EDU v3.0; keep checking back as this page is subject to change over time.
  • The old rules can now be found under Rules >> Legacy Rules (pre-3.0).
  • The replay pack for EBOT 2011 August (EDU v2.1.1) is now available.