Monthly Tournaments

Tournaments promote competition and player skill improvement. There have been various EB tournaments throughout the years, some more successful than others. The most successful tournament, and the one that EB Online was modeled after, was the July 2009 tournament. EBO tournaments are monthly but seasonal, as most players are available during the summer months (northern hemisphere). Player count tends to peak in July.

In commemoration of the very successful tournament of July 2009, I formed EBO as a means of bringing people together for multiplayer gameplay. This began the EBO monthly tournaments, beginning with the EB Online Tourney: July 2010 – Special Anniversary Edition. I chose July in remembrance of all the members of The Guild who helped put together the rules, settings, and so on, that made the 2009 tournament such a success.

All tournaments need rules and of course a way of bringing people together. Also important is etiquette, because behind every username is a human player. Please visit the Rules and Online Etiquette pages for more information on how to play fair while enjoying the tournaments.

Prior to each tournament I create a thread on the Guild (home of the EB forum). During this one to two week period, potential participants will have time to register in the thread, stating which faction they would like to play. Latecomers are welcome, but players are encouraged to sign up in advance. If you wish to play in our tournaments but are not a Guild member, please register as we use the forum for virtually all of our communication and record keeping.

Tournament battles must be recorded in the ladder. Register by visiting the ladder link in the menu above if you haven’t already. Please remember to save each tournament battle as the ladder will ask for a replay file upon each entry. These replays are collected at the end of the month and uploaded for all to view in the form of a replay pack. If objecting the outcome of a battle, players must post a brief explanation of why they believe their loss was not justified. The community will then proceed to adjudicate the case of conflict and discuss the case. The winner of the tournament is the player with the most points. Winning a battle grants you 1 point, while losing costs you 1 point. This is to account for the fact that some players may not be able to play as many total battles as others.

There will be no faction-switching allowed once the tournament begins. As a result, if you decide to join a tournament mid-way into the month, your first choice of faction will also be your final choice, unless you have not played any battles yet that month. In addition, your Hamachi name must be the same as your Guild username to avoid possible confusion. The same applies to your in-game name.