EB Online League

Season 3

6/6/2022 - 10/31/2022


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EDU: 4.3

  • Ranked ladder tournament
  • Players may join at any time through Discord
  • Players receive a rating for the season
  • Players must decided before battle if the game will be ranked or casual
  • Only ranked games count toward playoff eligibility
  • To be eligible for playoffs players must play against a minimum number of opponents. If fewer than 10 players play ranked games during the season, this minimum is half the number of players. Otherwise, the minimum is 5.
  • Maximum of 15 games against any single opponent
  • One player from each game must post the game


  • 6 highest rated players at the end of the season advance to playoffs
  • Top 2 seeds get a bye for quarterfinals
  • Best-of-5 quarterfinal matches: #3 vs #6, #4 vs #5
  • Best-of-7 semifinal, final, and third place matches
  • If one player wins the series early, players are encouraged to complete the remainder of the series for fun, but only the games played to win the series should be reported
  • Captains Draft to select factions (see image below)
EB Online Captains Draft

Prize Pool

Advancing to playoffs6 x 5%
Most games10%
Highest rating10%

The prize pool for the playoffs is funded entirely by voluntary donations. If they can afford it, players are encouraged to contribute a small amount (no more than $25). Donations are non-refundable and can be made via PayPal, Venmo, or card.


League Organizer

The League Organizer is the person in charge of managing the season. Unless arranged otherwise, vartan will assume the role of League Organizer. As the League Organizer also adjudicates any rule violation cases, they cannot participate in ranked games.

Rule Violations

Season 3 Rules

To maintain a friendly environment, we encourage players to pause the game and point out rule violations instead of arguing later. If the players agree to continue or restart the game, they may do so.

If a player believes there has been a violation, they should privately message the League Organizer via Discord, mentioning which rule has been violated, in which replay, and at approximately which point in the game.

The League Organizer will then review the replay. If they determine that the violation was minor and likely unintentional or due to gameplay confusion, there will be no penalty. Minor violations are those that do not appear to have a significant effect on the outcome of the game.

If instead they determine that the violation was major—significant enough to potentially sway the outcome—the violating player will receive a warning and the game must be replayed.

If a player is issued 3 warnings in a match, they automatically forfeit the match.

If a player accumulates 9 warnings across the whole season (including playoffs), they will be removed from competition for the remainder of the season, forfeiting the last match they were in at the time of removal.

❗ We REALLY do not want to have to use these, so please follow the rules!

Army Composition Violations

If a player violates army composition rules,they receive a warning and the game must be replayed.