Getting Started

Required Items


Make sure you have RTW 1.5 and EB 1.2 with fixes. Install the latest MP EDU and the MP Load Replay Mod (so you can view replays). Install Hamachi and join our network. The ID and password are as follows (include hyphens):

Network ID: 100-792-846
Password: eb

EB contains a single player EDU and a multiplayer EDU. To switch to the MP EDU, open the Trivial Script software (listed as “Configuration” in the Europa Barbarorum start menu group). Choose “Multi Player” from the Game Type drop-down menu. This is how your Trivial Script should look:

EB Trivial Script

Save and Exit. Now you can launch EB and play with others. Before you visit the multiplayer LAN Battles lobby, you will want to use the Hamachi network chat to arrange a battle. If you have not done so already, please read the rules section for more information on conventions.