Master horsemen and archers, including wide array of lancers and noble units; reliant on Germanic, Baltic, and Greek regional troops for infantry, with almost no heavy melee infantry. Recommended for experienced players comfortable with archer and cavalry engagements and fast infantry assaults.

Doryphoroi Pontikoi (Pontic Light Spearmen)
Sauromatae Arc Aexsaeg (Sarmatian Light Spearmen)
Sauromatae Fistaeg Fat Aexsdzhytae (Sarmatian Foot Archers)
Skuda Fistaeg Fat Aexsdzhytae (Scythian Foot Archers)
Skudra Tabari (Scythian Axemen)
Vojīnōs (Slavic Light Spearmen)
Aeldary Aembaltae (Sarmatian Bodyguard Cavalry)
Aursa Baexdzhyntae (Aorsi Riders)
Aursa Uaezdaettae (Aorsi Noble Cavalry)
Ragon Sauromatae Uaezdaettae (Sarmatian Noble Horse-Archers)
Rauxsa-alanna Baexdzhyntae (Roxolani Riders)
Rauxsa-alanna Uaezdaettae (Roxolani Elite Noble Cavalry)
Sauromatae Fat Aexsdzhytae (Sarmatian Horse-Archers)
Skuda Baexdzhyntae (Scythian Riders)
Skuda Fat Aexsdzhytae (Scythian Horse-Archers)
Skuda Uaezdaettae (Scythian Elite Noble Cavalry)
Yancai Uaezdaettae (Alan Noble Cavalry)