Successor army with hoplites and pike phalanxes, plus powerful cavalry and Thracian support units; limited missile troop selection. Recommended for players of all skill levels.

Agrianikoi Pelekuphoroi (Agrianian Assault Infantry)
Akontistai (Hellenic Skirmishers)
Argyraspides (Hellenic Elite Phalanx)
Hoplitai Haploi (Greek Levy Hoplites)
Hypaspistai (Hellenistic Royal Guard)
Hysteroi Pezhetairoi (Makedonian Reformed Heavy Phalanx)
Peltastai (Hellenic Heavy Skirmishers)
Peltastai Makedonikoi (Hellenistic Elite Infantry)
Pezhetairoi (Hellenic Medium Phalanx)
Phalangitai Deuteroi (Hellenic Levy Phalanx)
Sphendonetai (Hellenic Slingers)
Taxeis Triballoi (Triballi Infantry)
Thraikioi Doryphoroi (Thracian Light Spearmen)
Thraikioi Peltastai (Thraikian Peltasts)
Thraikioi Rhomphaiaphoroi (Elite Thracian Infantry)
Thureophoroi (Hellenic Spearmen)
Toxotai (Hellenic Archers)
Hetairoi (Companion Cavalry)
Hetairoi Aspidophoroi (Hellenic Heavy Skirmisher Cavalry)
Hippakontistai (Hellenic Skirmisher Cavalry)
Hippeis Thessalikoi (Thessalian Heavy Cavalry)
Lonchophoroi Hippeis (Hellenic Medium Cavalry)
Prodromoi (Successor Medium Cavalry)
Thraikioi Hippeis (Thracian Light Cavalry)
Thraikioi Prodromoi (Thracian Medium Cavalry)