Koinon Hellenon

Many hoplite phalanxes, solid missile support, and a wide range of mercenaries; limited heavy shock cavalry. Recommended for players of all skill levels.

Akontistai (Hellenic Skirmishers)
Ekdromoi Hoplitai (Greek Light Hoplites)
Epilektoi Hoplitai (Hellenic Distinguished Hoplites)
Hoplitai (Greek Classical Hoplites)
Hoplitai Haploi (Greek Levy Hoplites)
Iphikratous Hoplitai (Greek Hoplite Phalanx)
Koinon Hellenon Phalangitai (Greek Phalanx)
Peltastai (Hellenic Heavy Skirmishers)
Somatophylakes Strategou (Greek General)
Spartiatai Hoplitai (Spartan Hoplites)
Sphendonetai (Hellenic Slingers)
Sphendonetai Rhodioi (Rhodian Slingers)
Thorakitai (Hellenic Heavy Spearmen)
Thorakitai Hoplitai (Greek Heavy Hoplite Phalanx)
Thureophoroi (Hellenic Spearmen)
Toxotai (Hellenic Archers)
Toxotai Kretikoi (Kretan Archers)
Hetairoi Aspidophoroi (Hellenic Heavy Skirmisher Cavalry)
Hippakontistai (Hellenic Skirmisher Cavalry)
Hippeis (Greek Medium Cavalry)
Hippeis Thessalikoi (Thessalian Heavy Cavalry)
Hippeis Xystophoroi (Greek Noble Cavalry)
Lonchophoroi Hippeis (Hellenic Medium Cavalry)
Prodromoi (Successor Medium Cavalry)