Successor army with pike phalanxes, powerful cavalry, and a good mix of light Illyrian and heavier Thracian and Italic support units; limited missile troop selection. Recommended for players of all skill levels.

Agrianikoi Pelekuphoroi (Agrianian Assault Infantry)
Aichmetai Leukanoi (Lucanian Light Infantry)
Akontistai (Hellenic Skirmishers)
Chaonion Agema (Epeirote Elite Phalanx)
Hoplitai Haploi (Greek Levy Hoplites)
Hypaspistai (Hellenistic Royal Guard)
Illyrioi Paraktioi (Illyrian Coastal Levies)
Illyrioi Thureophoroi (Illyrian Spearmen)
Peltastai (Hellenic Heavy Skirmishers)
Peltastai Makedonikoi (Hellenistic Elite Infantry)
Pezhetairoi (Hellenic Medium Phalanx)
Phalangitai Deuteroi (Hellenic Levy Phalanx)
Phyletichoi Illyrioi (Illyrian Levy Spearmen)
Sphendonetai (Hellenic Slingers)
Thorakitai (Hellenic Heavy Spearmen)
Thureophoroi (Hellenic Spearmen)
Toxotai (Hellenic Archers)
Elephantes Indikoi (Indian Elephants)
Hetairoi Aspidophoroi (Hellenic Heavy Skirmisher Cavalry)
Hippakontistai (Hellenic Skirmisher Cavalry)
Hippeis (Greek Medium Cavalry)
Hippeis Tarantinoi (Tarantine Elite Cavalry)
Hippeis Thessalikoi (Thessalian Heavy Cavalry)
Illyrioi Hippeis (Illyrian Light Cavalry)
Lonchophoroi Hippeis (Hellenic Shock Cavalry)
Molosson Agema (Epeiros Heavy Cavalry)
Prodromoi (Successor Light Lancers)