Old-fashioned, but effective mixture of lightly armoured troops, supported by champions and charioteers; very limited cavalry and missile units. Recommended for very experienced players with strong command of fast infantry assaults.

Balroae (Caledonian Skirmishers)
Botroas (Southern Gallic Swordsmen)
Calawre (Casse Champions)
Cemmeinarn (Briton Midland Spearmen)
Cwmyr (Briton Midlander Champions)
Drwdae (Druids)
Gaelaiche (Celtic Spearmen)
Gaeroas (Celtic Spearmen)
Iaosatae (Celtic Slingers)
Imannae (Militia Skirmishers)
Kluddargos (Britons Sword Masters)
Kluddobro (Britons Shortswordsmen)
Lugoae (Celtic Levy Spearmen)
Pictone Neitos (Pictone "Painted" Swordsmen)
Rycalawre (Britons Late Champions)
Silurae Birnai (Siluri Warband)
Sotaroas (Celtic Archers)
Teceitos (Celtic Axemen)
Uirodusios (Celtic Naked Spearmen)
Argyn Marca (Caledonian Noble Cavalry)
Cidainh (Celtic Chariots)
Myrcharn (Casse Light Cavalry)