Strong close-combat infantry, with a wide selection of cheap light troops and tough swordsmen, with solid all-purpose cavalry; limited shock cavalry and missile troops. Recommended for experienced players comfortable with infantry assaults.

Arjos (Arverni Nobles)
Bagaudas (Celtic Shortswordsmen)
Batacorii (Belgae Spearmen)
Bataroas (Northern Gallic Swordsmen)
Botroas (Southern Gallic Swordsmen)
Caturige Gaedann (Caturiges Warriors)
Enoci Curoas (Southern Gallic Mercenary Swordsmen)
Gaelaiche (Celtic Spearmen)
Gaeroas (Celtic Spearmen)
Gaesatae (Gallic "Naked Fanatic" Infantry)
Gaisolitho Aljod (Celto-Germanic Spearmen)
Golberi Curoas (Northern Gallic Mercenary Swordsmen)
Iaosatae (Celtic Slingers)
Kluddacorii (Alpine Shortswordsmen)
Lugoae (Celtic Levy Spearmen)
Milnaht (Belgae Swordsmen)
Mori Gaesum (Helvetii Phalanx)
Neitos (Gallic Heavy Swordsmen)
Noricene Gaecori (Noricum Spearmen)
Solduros (Gallic Noble Infantry)
Sotaroas (Celtic Archers)
Teceitos (Celtic Axemen)
Uirodusios (Celtic Naked Spearmen)
Brihentin (Gallic Noble Cavalry)
Curepos (Gallic Mercenary Light Cavalry)
Leuce Epos (Gallic Light Cavalry)
Remi Mairepos (Belgae Heavy Cavalry)
Taramonnos (Belgae Light Cavalry)