Lightly armoured, but tough close-combat infantry which fill a wide variety of specialist roles and have powerful throwing spears; limited selection of cavalry and missile units. Recommended for very experienced players with strong command of fast infantry assaults.

Dreugulōzez Brunjādoi (Germanic Elite Infantry Retinue)
Druxtiz Goudiskā (Gaut Spearmen)
Druxtiz Xeruskā (Cherusci Swordsmen)
Druxtiz Xobugiskā (Chauci Spearmen)
Dugundiz (Germanic Spearmen)
Dugundiz Xathjiskā (Chatti Veteran Spearmen)
Gaisofulxo Frijod (Germanic Levy Spearmen)
Jugundiz (Germanic Youth Skirmishers)
Jugundiz Xathjiskā (Chatti Youth Clubmen)
Skudjonez (Germanic Archers)
Sloxonez (Germanic Club Infantry)
Speudogordoz (Germanic Pike Infantry)
Woithiz Wāthā (Germanic Naked Fanatic Spearmen)
Xerunoudōzez (Germanic Swordsmen)
Xosenthōzez Xazdādoi (Germanic Bodyguard)
Marxolitho Wolxiskod (Celto-Germanic Noble Cavalry)
Reidonez (Germanic Light Cavalry)
Xosenthōzez Marxoreidondijoi (Germanic Elite Cavalry Retinue)