Safot Softim biQarthadast

Flexible selection of both light and heavy African and Iberian units, plus the widest range of available Mediterranean mercenaries; no major weaknesses. Recommended for players of all skill levels.

Dorkei Hatqapa Iberim (Iberian Assault Infantry)
Dorkim Alupim (Elite African Infantry)
Dorkim Balearim (Balearic Light Infantry)
Dorkim Leebi-Feenikim Aloophim (Elite Liby-Phoenician Infantry)
Dorkim Libi-Ponnim (Liby-Phoenician Infantry)
Dorkim Liby-Ponnim Kbedim (Liby-Phoenician Heavy Infantry)
Dorkim Shardanim (Sardinian Infantry)
HaDorkim HaQdosim (Sacred Band Infantry)
Hanatim Libim (Libyan Spearmen)
Hanatim Libim Kbedim (Libyan Heavy Spearmen)
Iberi Caetrati (Iberian Light Infantry)
Iberi Milites (Iberian Light Spearmen)
Iberi Scutari (Iberian Medium Spearmen)
Misteret Ezra'him (Poeni Citizen Militia)
Mitnagsim Numidim (Numidian Skirmishers)
Parasim Numidim (Numidian Cavalry)
Qala'im Balearim (Balearic Slingers)
Qala'im Numidim (Numidian Slingers)
Qasatim Numidim (Numidian Archers)
Elephantes Hulaioi Liboukoi (African Forest Elephants)
Gldgmtk (Numidian Nobles)
HaParasim HaQdosim (Sacred Band Cavalry)
Iberi Curisi (Iberian Medium Cavalry)
Iberi Equites Caetrati (Iberian Light Cavalry)
Iberi Lanceari (Iberian Heavy Cavalry)
Parasim Ezra'him Ponnim (Carthaginian Citizen Cavalry)
Parasim Libi-Ponnim (Liby-Phoenician Cavalry)