As'Sab'yn wal'Jau

Mix of urban and tribal infantry, light to medium Arabian cavalry, and East African troops; no heavily armored units. Recommended for experienced players comfortable with missile engagements and fast infantry assaults.

Aithiopikoi Machairophoroi (Ethiopian Assault Infantry)
Aithiopikoi Toxotai (Ethiopian Archers)
Bnei Shevet Aravim (Arabian Light Infantry)
Dorkei HaYam Ha'Adom (Red Sea Axe Infantry)
Dorkim Ezra'him (Sabaean Urban Militia Spearmen)
Giborei HaMelek (Sabaean Bodyguard Infantry)
Guisim 'Arabim Tsphonim (Bedouin Archer-Spearmen)
Hanatim Kushim (Ethiopian Spearmen)
Lo'hamin Azzilim (Sabaean Noble Infantry)
Qala'im 'Arabim (Arabian Slingers)
Qasatim Saba'im (Sabaean Urban Militia Archers)
Aithiopikoi Hippeis (Ethiopian Cavalry)
Parashim 'Arabim Meguiasim (Arabian Light Cavalry)
Parashim Ezra'him (Sabaean Veteran Cavalry)