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New Upload Page

Hi folks, I added an upload form that should fix a lot of the problems of the previous form. From now on please upload replays on the Upload Replay page found in the menu on the top of this page. Do not upload any replays that you already have on the old directory. If you […]

EB Online Tournament 2012 June

That’s right folks. The annual summer tournaments are beginning very soon. If you haven’t already, please sign up for our June tournaments (solo, team, or both). We wish you a fun time crushing your enemies. 2012 June – Solo 2012 June – Team Vartan

Unit Limit Update – Roxolani Riders

Hi folks, The Roxolani Riders are now excepted from the Unit Duplication Limit table listed on our rule page. Rather than what the table would indicate, players are now allowed four (4) maximum of Rauxsa-alanna Baexdzhyntae (Roxolani Riders). Happy gaming, Vartan

3.1a Hotfix Released

Our EDU editor gamegeek2 has released a hotfix to EDU 3.1. Calling it 3.1a, I’ve packaged it as usual and have it available for download from the site now. Changes specific to 3.1a are documented by gg2 and included as a text file. Vartan

New Home for EBO Network

Greetings warriors, As you may very well know, LogMeIn Hamachi has been on a downward slope when it comes to the number of slots in its free networks (from 16 to 8, and now to 5). This, of course, would make 2v2 the largest battle we could hold, with no room for even another 1v1. […]

Introducing EBO MP EDU 3.1

Hello friends, Coming at you today with what you have been waiting for: EBO MP EDU 3.1. Taking the original 3.0 build 1001d hotfix by Shak and adding the missing faction of Saka, we give you EBO MP EDU 3.1, now official. You may download it using the link below. Special thanks to Brave Sir […]

Combating Network Clogs

Hi y’all, We’ve been having offline players clogging the networks recently, and it is especially problematic as I have been quite busy lately with school and other work. To combat this issue I am resorting to the following method. What I am doing is resetting the passwords for the main and auxiliary networks we run […]

IRC Chat, VoIP, and more!

Hi all, Just making a brief announcement on some additions. Firstly, I’ve added IRC chat to the site, and you can access it from the menu on the top of the page. To be frank, it’s a way for me to access the players when I’m online without having to connect to the Hamachi game […]

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